Getting Started is Easy!

The McMaster Community Paramedicine Research Team will guide you through the following steps to ensure that you are confident and successful in implementing CP@clinic in your community!
  • Step 1: Contact Us

    Contact the McMaster Community Paramedicine (MCP) Research Team to introduce yourself and inquire about the program. Click here to contact us.

  • Step 2: Become a CP@clinic Partner

    We are excited to collaborate and create new partnerships with paramedic services and organizations! Once the following documents are reviewed, completed and signed, your service or organization will have access to our Partner’s Portal.
    The CP@clinic program is the intellectual property of McMaster University. In order for us to share materials with individuals outside the university, a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be completed by each paramedic/EMS service or organization.
    A CP@clinic Access and License Agreement for Research Purposes was developed with the McMaster Industry Liaison Office to outline the use of CP@clinic data access and use, privacy, insurance and liability. Each paramedic service involved in planning and implementing CP@clinic will need to sign an agreement.

  • Step 3: Plan and Adapt for Your Community and Resources

    We will work with you to adapt the program to meet the needs of your community; this will include determining the setting for CP@clinic sessions, as well as identifying potential stakeholders, participant recruitment methods, mode of data collection and reporting requirements for services.

  • Step 4: Training

    All Community Paramedicine Leads and Paramedics who will implement CP@clinic must complete the mandatory online training on the McMaster Community Paramedicine Research Virtual Learning Centre. Paramedics can receive a 'CP@clinic Paramedic Training Program Microcredential' from McMaster University.

  • Step 5: Launch

    After extensive planning and training, your service or organization will be ready and confident to implement CP@clinic!

  • Step 6: Evaluation and Quality Improvement

    The data collected during CP@clinic sessions will be shared with McMaster University (Participants will have consented to this). The MCP team will analyze this data to evaluate the program in your context and generate reports for you to see your progress. These reports may be helpful in year-end reporting and in your funding applications.
    CP@clinic session data is collected on-site and shared via encrypted transmission to the Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University. Research team will analyze the data quarterly in order to assess the performance of CP@clinic in their jurisdictions.. After one year of program implementation, impact reports are produced to demonstrate the effect of CP@clinic in each community. These reports keep paramedic services and local decision makers updated and engaged due to the flow of concrete measurable CP@clinic outputs being provided.